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Graphics & Web Design
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Pleaste Note: As of summer 2011, we are no longer taking new design requests due to the closure of our design department/team and transition of the company to new ownership. If you submit a quote request, we will try our best to fit you with another company capable of delivering your needs to help with your search. All web hosting and domain services will remain functional and continue to renew as needed. Thanks!

With over 20 years of combined experience, we have one of the best design teams on the west coast! We offer everything ranging from the basic design to the most sophisticated project your mind can imagine. Whether you are looking to launch a new web site, or enhance your brand with a web site redesign, we can do it.

All of our designs are clean, user-friendly, fully compatible with current web standards, function with every major browser, and are of the highest quality. We take everything into account so you can be assured that you will get the best! Better yet, we can work with almost any budget, so that anyone can make use of our services... regardless of the size of your business or operation (we can work with you to get the best price possible).

There are many options to choose from! For example, we can develop a custom design specific to your needs, or you can choose from a selection of pre-made designs that we have already prepared. We can also maintain your site, and even offer external design options. Each option comes with its own benefits!

Custom Design
Having a web site custom designed allows you to have a design that is original, professional, flexible, and fits your needs. Poc will design the site from the ground up to be compatible with your requirements. The design will not be reproduced for anyone else, in order to preserve originality.

All of our designs are 100% compatible with pochosting.com hosting services. See PocHosting.com for monthly hosting plan information, or choose Web Hosting in the above menu.

Pre-made Design (Templates)
You can choose from our selection of pre-made designs for us (or you) to develop your site with. This option is good for small personal websites that do not require a unique appearance. This could save you money and the design of your web site may be much quicker, since the general design of the template has already been completed. However, by choosing this option you do not have originality since others can choose the same design as well (or something that looks similar it). Because of that last part, this option is not recommended for business websites or sites seeking a professional image.

For more detailed information regarding the difference between "custom design vs templates", visit our artical about it here.

Our pre-made design options are also 100% compatible with pochosting.com hosting services. See PocHosting.com for monthly hosting plan information, or choose Web Hosting in the above menu.

Alternative Design
If you're looking to extend your presence to available communities through options such as Myspace, Facebook, Xanga, Yahoo 360, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc. We are able to develop anything necessary. In some cases we can even offer package options to make this even easier. Doing this is great for marketing (and for some industries, it is almost required in order to compete against the competition).

Web Site Maintenance
We offer a variety of maintenance plans to help you maintain your web site so that you don't have to. If you prefer to maintain your own web site, we can include a user-friendly administrative system to get the job done efficiently.


  • Your success is our success! We will design you the best web site for your needs. We specialize in designing professional web sites, with clean and user-friendly navigation. We deliver the best quality at the best price possible, and within a reasonable time frame.
  • Your investment in us is minimal compared to our competition. We offer the best price for the amount of work and care that we place into every design.
  • We encourage you to review the work we have done for our other clients. Feel free to contact them and ask them about our performance.
  • We offer advertising and search engine optimization options to help promote your business or self to the internet.
  • We can provide a simple-to-use administration section, so that you can easily maintain the information on your new web site and keep your business' image current, so that your business can easily add and maintain information at anytime.
  • FREE domain name research wizard and managed registration - You only pay the yearly fee to register the domain. Our wizard can help you find an available domain for your needs and we will manage it for you.

Poc provides ideal design & hosting for web sites such as:
(but not limited to...)

• Large Corporations
Movie/TV & Studios
• Photography
• Portfolio
Real Estate

• Game/Application Developers
• Churches
• Sports
• News
• Community Project Sites
• School
• Review/Editorial Sites

• Anime Fan Fiction Sites
• Video Game Fan Sites
• Video Game Clan Sites
• Personal Hobby Sites
• Student Assignments
• Personal Galleries
• Anime Clubs
• School Clubs
• Movie Fan Sites
Artist/Band Fan Sites
Band Promotion Sites
• Personal Biographies
• Blogs/Journals
• Project Sites
• Misc Fandom/Fan Fiction
• Other Personal Sites





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